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Salomon Snowscape 7

photo: Salomon Snowscape 7 nordic touring ski


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Price Historic Range: $63.98-$124.95
Price Current Retail: $149.99
Historic Range: $87.97-$184.95
Reviewers Paid: $60.00


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These are the perfect beginner's skis. They're durable without being too heavy. They slide well and you don't have to worry about waxing (time and money saving). They're good for several different skiing situations.


  • Waxless
  • Versatile
  • Good weight
  • Bindings


  • Almost too long for my tiny car
  • Not as fast as other skis

This was really my first season skiing. In the past I've rented skis for the once or twice I would go out in a year. These skis do resemble those that many places may rent. 

They're very easy to use.

Waxless: One less thing to learn when you're just starting out.

Good Balance: Slightly wider so it's easier to balance. They feel really durable, but also light under your feet. Sometimes the rental models I got felt so heavy.

Versatile: Handle well enough on groomed and ungroomed surfaces, which turned out to be important as my favorite park's tracks were often intermittent.

SNS Bindings:There are two bars on the boots (see my boot review) that allow for great connection on the skis. Lots of contact on flat feet, good freedom to pivot your foot up.

Grip: The textured bottom helps me climb hills a little better than some of the more experienced skiers I see with more expensive skis. 


    A closeup of the underside of the ski. This texture is only on the middle part of the ski. It's smooth plastic toward the ends.

You probably can't speed along as fast as other skiers, but I honestly wouldn't be able to even with more expensive skis. Though I improved greatly this season, I don't see needing a new pair of skis for years. 

    IMG_20160218_172521.jpg      IMG_20160106_174734.jpg

    A closer shot of the binding and skiers-eye view of them in action.

Me: Female, 5'7", overweight. I'm quite the beginner with cross country skiing. This is the first year I've effectively learned any technique at all. It's totally possible that I don't know what I'm talking about at all - all I'm sure of is that I love the time I spend on these skis.

These are the boots I wear with them.

Personal Note: If you're on the fence about taking up cross country skiing, I totally recommend it. I really got into shape from December to March, that's probably not something that happens to most people in winter. Plus the trails are just as beautiful from skis as they are from hiking boots, maybe more beautiful on the downhills. :) 

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $60

Phil Smith

I might just pick up a pair of these for next season, to complement my snowshoes :)

6 years ago

They've been on the market long enough you might be able to find them used like I did.

6 years ago

Thanks for the review, Siltloam, and glad to hear you enjoyed cross country skiing this winter. How well did these handle the ungroomed terrain?

6 years ago

Ungroomed skiing is not something I would do on purpose. It was mainly to get from one groomed area to the next or to continue through areas that should have been groomed, but were drifted over. That said, I like the ability to easily pick and walk my skis over to better spot. These allowed that well. When I could get to a relatively flat area, they would handle fine, though I was admittedly doing more "shuffling" than I would on a groomed trail.

6 years ago

Thanks for the info, Siltloam. I'm glad you found skis you like so much.

6 years ago

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