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Sea to Summit Pocket Conditioning Shampoo

photo: Sea to Summit Pocket Conditioning Shampoo soap/cleanser


Price Current Retail: $4.95-$5.50
Historic Range: $3.95-$5.50
Reviewers Paid: $3.95-$12.00


2 reviews
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Baz from Sea to Summit here. We don’t normally post responses to user reviews, but we felt there were a number of points here which were worth addressing:

  • Trek and Travel Shampoo leaves will produce less lather in cold water, and almost no lather at all in salt water. The shampoo/conditioner will still clean your hair even without lather.
  • We’ve sold many thousands of the Trek and Travel Shampoo leaves, and have not heard of users experiencing this issue. We've posted a video on the Ask Baz blog showing one leaf being removed from the package and lathering nicely (don't worry; no staff members were harmed in this process)
  • Trek and Travel Shampoo with Conditioner has a recommended retail price of $3.95

We maintain a customer service department staffed by cheerful, competent and genuinely helpful staff ( readers – give us a call and check it out for yourselves!). If a customer contacts us with an issue we make every effort to come up with a reasonable solution. In this case, had the reviewer contacted us, we would have offered to

a) replace the product for free [solving the issue of the remaining 44 now useless leaves]

b) replace the product with Trek and Travel Liquid Shampoo at no charge, or

c) contact the retailer from whom the shampoo was purchased and arranged for a full refund.

We might even have come up with an option d) and perhaps even an option e) – we’re pretty good at lateral thinking.

Here’s that phone number for our customer service department: 303-440-8977

My email address (for any questions, technical, functional – anything at all):

Or - if you'd like to take it to the blogosphere, send me a question via "Ask Baz"

Hope this helps.


Price Paid: MSRP $3.95

What a complete waste of money. The only people who might use this product with any success have to be bald!

I decided to try it out before leaving for a hike, and I'm so glad i did. There are 50 leaves on the box, and I started adding more and more of them to get even close to a lather. The first three did nothing, neither did the next two. The last two I added ended up as blobs of goop in my hear. And after digging out the last two I spilled a few drops of water into the container, so the remaining leaves have now merged into one useless messy goop.

I had to get some regular shampoo to wash out the Sea to Summit shampoo... Maybe I can find a use for the box when I clean it out. Might be good for a sewing kit.

The only good thing about this is that it is TSA carry-on compatible.

Conclusion: unless you're bald save your money!

(BTW: I have a typical male length haircut)

Price Paid: about $12

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