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Sherpa Snowshoes is no longer in business.

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Modified Bearpaw Snowshoe

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Only problem is the binding which is cumbersome to lace and attach especially when it is cold. It tends to work loose and snowshoe turns a bit off track. An easier to use binding would be a great asset. Full review

Modified Bearpaw Snowshoe

rated 5 of 5 stars I have owned and used the same pair of Sherpa snowshoes for over twenty years. the dimensions of the snowshoe are nine inches by thirty-six inches. the frame is coated (anodized) aluminum, the decking is made of a stiff rubber/neoprene, and the decking is attached to the snowshoe with neoprene lacing. the binding consists of a sheet of neoprene that wraps around the boot with nylon webbing, with a separate piece of nylon webbing to secure the heel. the webbing cinches tight with a steel spring clip. Full review

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