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Sierra Designs Black Out -15

The Black Out -15 has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best cold weather synthetic sleeping bags for 2022.


Price Reviewers Paid: $176.00-$189.00


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This is the first severe cold weather bag I have owned. I love the color, all black with grey interior. It has this streth technology that is super comfy and moves with you when you roll over and move about inside the bag. I am 6' 1" , but I bought the long version (made for men up to 6' 5") because I don't like to feel like a sardine like in other bags! I have to say that this is a very comfortable and warm bag. (I also own Sierra Designs 0+ and 20+ bags), the best bag I've ever tried. I was slightly sweating when it was 5+ when I used it! For the price it can't be beat. Plus, I like the idea of NOT having a down bag because the Polargurad will keep you warm when wet, and down... Well, you will die!

Design: Mummy
Fill: Polarguard
Temperature Rating: -15
Weight: 3-4 lbs.?
Price Paid: $189

Purchased this bag on sale, and is the first sub 0 bag I have experience with. At this range of temp if you can afford to shell out the cash it is better to get a down bag than a synthetic due to compressability, durability, and of course: weight! But on with the review......

This bag utilizes the stretch technology which enables the bag to flex with the sleeper as much as an extra 3 inches of chest girth. This therefore allows a more comfortable, and restful sleep. This is the bag's selling point. However, I find the draft collar a bit too small such that when you move about the collar does not flex with you thereby allowing cold drafts to seep through. Secondly, IMHO there needs to be some color added to the bag. With the exception of the silver hood, the bag is black throughout making adjustments difficult in the night.

Design: mummy bag using "stretch" technology
Fill: 3D
Temperature Rating: -15 F
Weight: ~4.5 lbs
Price Paid: $176

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