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Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling

photo: Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling ascender


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The Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling is a quality, adjustable foot tape that allows those using a Frog ascending system to set the right length for climbing rope. As with all Sing Rock equipment I have used, I find it reasonably priced and well worth considering.


  • Adjustable
  • Wide foot loop
  • Well made/durable


  • An experienced frogger knows how to make these cheaper and lighter.
  • Only one foot will fit

At the heart of a "Frog" rope ascension system is a foot ascender, with its accompanying foot lanyard. The foot ascender has two lines coming off of it. The first, is the life supporting lanyard that attaches to the harness. The second is a critical (but non-life supporting) foot tape, like the Singing Rock.

karst_2268_174915531Stock store image.

In the picture below, my friend Ralph has his right hand on a Petzl foot ascender. The rope he is climbing is to the right (coming at his chest, then falling between his feet). A yellow-ish tether is in the middle of the triangle, running to his harness. The line to the left is his foot tape, which runs down to his left foot.

And here is an illustrated demo:


I started off with the Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling, because I was too new to trust my own DIY project. I somehow believed I would need the adjustable nature of the foot tape. However, once you "dial in" the length to your body, you really don't need to ever readjust it. The adjustable loop is convenient for sharing this foot tape with another climber.

Overall, the Singing Rock served me well for several years. When it was time to retire it, I found I could easily make my own with some prussic cord.

The Singing Rock Footer Ascender Sling is a good product for someone new to rope work. I would recommend it as you begin this type of adventure.

As I state in many of my reviews, rope work in a cave is dangerous. One should not just pick up a bunch of equipment and go try it out. Join a caving club (called a "Grotto" and found at and learn from them. It is also wise to find out what your local Grotto is using in caves. If you are using a system they are unfamiliar with, it will be difficult for them to assist you, should you get into trouble (and, yes, cavers get into trouble on ropes all the time).

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