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Singing Rock Puller Chest Ascender Harness

photo: Singing Rock Puller Chest Ascender Harness ascender


Price Current Retail: $8.96
Historic Range: $8.96-$11.35
Reviewers Paid: $10.00


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An important part of any ascension system, the Singing Rock Puller Chest Harness is well-made and dependable. I have owned several of these units, retiring them as age requires. They are still available in climbing stores and well worth the few bucks.


  • Ready-made
  • Easy to adjust


  • More expensive than a make-it-yourself chest harness

Singing Rock is a great company, and this is a great item to use with a Frog Ascension System. The harness keeps your chest ascender (I prefer Petzl's Croll) in place on a climb. Without it, a climber would risk the ascender disconnecting from the rope.

Many cavers make their own chest harness out of webbing. I like using a pre-made harness, because it's easily adjustable, and I can loan it out to someone who forgot to bring one.

In this photo you can see the gold chest harness
crossing my shoulder and back.

Vertical caving is a dangerous sport. Before investing in a bunch of gear, get with a local caving club (Called a "Grotto" and listed at and learn what they are using and what they recommend.  Never do vertical work alone!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: >$10

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