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Anytime Energy Bar

rated 4.5 of 5 stars These new bars from Skratch are a nice change from the overly sugary bars we usually encounter. Most endurance athletes are familiar with Skratch Labs. Their energy and electrolyte drink mixes are the stuff of legend. The founder of the company, Alan Lim, was a nutritionist for several professional cycling teams (BMC, Radio Shack, Garmin), and developed his "secret drink mix" after fielding complaints from cyclists about the electrolyte drinks that they were forced to drink. Along with Chef Biju… Full review

Exercise Hydration Mix

rated 5 of 5 stars An excellent hydration mix that tastes great, supplies balanced electrolytes, and won't slow you down. Skratch Labs hydration mix started life in the professional cycling peloton. Alan Lim was the nutritionist for several pro cycling teams including BMC, Garmin, and Radio Shack, and had received many complaints about the electrolyte drinks that riders had to use. They complained about rotten taste, too much sugar, and the tendency for it to sit in the "bottom of your gut." So he developed this drink… Full review

Exercise Hydration Mix

rated 5 of 5 stars Skratch has good product, it has good taste, and doesn't cause GI issues. I for one love the pineapple, enjoy the raspberry but I'm not as big of a fan of it. After two triathlon seasons using other sports drinks and having poor results, including GI issues, cramping and other issues. I found skratch labs, and I've had really good results. With no GI distress or cramping. I've also found that I can drink it and not get sick of it on the bike and run. I am also impressed with the company. Full review

Exercise Hydration Mix

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Finally an exercise drink with real ingredients and no bellyache Oh great, another sports drink! A powdered mix of something you can’t pronounce that promises to make you run faster, the hills flatter and drive the women crazy. Heard it all before? Me too, and truly I am kinda tired of it.  “So wait a minute Jeff, why the heck are you reviewing a sports drink?” Good question. In my opinion the world of sports drinks has, for too long, been dominated by huge companies that care more about… Full review

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Skratch Labs' mission is to use real world science and practice to create the very best nutrition products, which taste great and are made from real all-natural ingredients.

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All-Natural Hydration from Skratch
Skratch Labs doesn't make "orange" sports drinks. It makes exercise hydration drinks from real oranges, and also from real freeze-dried lemons and limes, raspberries, and pineapples. Read more
August 1, 2012


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