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Slumberjack Timberjack 0

photo: Slumberjack Timberjack 0 3-season synthetic sleeping bag


Price MSRP: $84.95
Historic Range: $79.95-$79.99
Reviewers Paid: $50.00
Fill Weight 5 lb 14 oz
Carry Weight 7 lb 9 oz
Packed Size 14 x 20 in
Fits to 6 ft
Size 80 x 34 in


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Big, wide, roomy yet retains heat very well. Very warm and toasty. Did I mention big?


  • Warm and toasty!


  • It's big, really big!

I ordered this and went camping with my two dogs. I have been camping before and so has my one dog. But not for a few years. I ordered in a number of things for camping after quite a bit of burrowing through research, comments, reviews, recommendations and personal comments before deciding I wanted to go with a rectangular bag because of the way I sleep and knowing I would use it for primitive car camping (with a jeep). I finally 'settled' on the Slumberjack Timberjack 0 degree bag.

Well, what took me SOOOOO long? The weather was at least 10 or 20 degrees colder than expected every morning and dropped into the low 20's. I didn't notice at all. I was snuggled down into my sleeping bag and it was warmer than my bed in my home! I felt horrible that my dog got cold and shivered and snuggled next to me and I put every extra fleece and warm thing on top of her to insulate her which warmed her. 

My only question is how do I get one of these cut in half and with a zipper that goes 3/4's around so I can use the halves for two separate dog sleeping bags?  We could camp all the time! This bag is the bomb! Oh yeah, and I'm a very cold sleeper and am still just amazed I was so warm and comfortable. Even changing position with the extra room really only slightly cooled an extremity very slightly as the surrounding area already had retained heat. This bag is just fantastic!

I don't know what I'll do when I am ready to kayak camp as this won't fit in my hold, but for car camping I'll have no other ever again! I'm ready to head back to the mountain as soon as I figure out how to keep my dogs just as warm as me! Slumberjack is awesome! 

*As an update to this which I originally wrote last fall... I got my dogs their own mummy style bag with full zip to roll back and make a double wide snuggle bed for them. They are happier but I'd still love them to have their own bags.

I have also found I probably need one more warm weather bag as this bag is just a bit too warm when the temps are in the 60's. And packing it in the super small space a jeep has for storage is hard. It's a really large bag and I haven't found a compression bag big enough to fit it in.  But if space is no problem and warmth is a huge factor give this big boy a try!

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: about $50 on sale


Welcome to Trailspace, Myra. I would love to see some pics in your review of your sleeping bag for your dogs!

6 years ago
Myra Ellis

I didn't think of that! Of course I can review their bag! When it came in and I unrolled it and called the dogs over to investigate and lay on it my boyfriend was like "Why are you letting them climb all over that nice sleeping bag?" And I said, "Because its theirs!"

6 years ago

Thanks for sharing their dog sleeping bag too, Myra!

6 years ago

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