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Rigging/Descending Ring

rated 3 of 5 stars These are nice because they cost less than stainless rap rings. I used them to rig a cave once. Rigged several rappels with these so I could retrieve the rope. You would want these if you need light weight or are on a budget and need to set up a lot of rap anchors. Full review

Perforated Tent Stake

rated 5 of 5 stars I like the tip on adding a rope loop to the top hole. Good idea. Because when these stakes get iced in they are a bear to pull out sometimes. Anyway, unless you're in super-dry snow or in high wind these stakes work great for snow camping.  I've used them for many years and never had a failure and I don't think they've changed the design much over those years.  Seems as if they got it right the first time. Full review

Perforated Tent Stake

rated 4.5 of 5 stars My version differs from the picture in that it has drilled holes at about 1.5 inches o.c. down the entire length of the stake. I used 6 of them (8-1/2 inch length) in moderate snow conditions: 2 in a dead-man and 4 driven down into 2/3 snow 1/3 soft earth. The dead-man stakes were in snow entirely and upwind. The flexibility of design and weight are all pluses for me — the drilled holes and alloy construction keep the weight down for their size, the rolled lip holds tent lines very well, and the… Full review

Superblue Hinged Crampons

rated 4 of 5 stars I have only used these for a couple of trips so far, but here is my experience. The hinged, strap-on design means they work well with flexible boots (I use L.L. Bean pac boots for winter hiking, and the crampons have stayed on fine). They are made of chromoly steel rather than aluminum, which means they should stay sharp longer even with the occasional patch of bare rock. The straps are reasonably easy to put on with gloves, stay properly adjusted and are made of a material that does not soak up… Full review

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