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Space All-Weather Blanket

photo: Space All-Weather Blanket emergency shelter


Price Current Retail: $16.99-$22.00
Historic Range: $9.97-$22.00
Reviewers Paid: $12.00-$14.00


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On a recent backpacking trip, I woke up freezing in my hammock.  My backside was fine, as I used a seeping pad. However, I was cold everywhere else.

I was shivering uncontrollably, and I quickly took the All-Weather Blanket down (I had strung it up as a rain fly) and wrapped myself in it as I stood beside my hammock. Within a few minutes, I had stopped shivering. 

I then took the blanket, and lined my hammock with it. I got back in, and enjoyed a nice, warm sleep for the remainder of the night. 

These things are tough, versatile, and certainly worth the price increase from the typical emergency space blanket. You can use them as a ground cloth as well. They're easy to clean, and they pack very flat. This is one of those items I plan to have with me on every trip I take.

Price Paid: $14

This tough space blanket can be used as a tarp or a groundsheet, but I like it best as a blanket reflecting my body heat back at me. Unlike cheap cellophane space blankets, this one is tough enough to use and reuse many times. Essential gear!


  • Reflects body heat very effectively
  • Tough construction good for re-using many times
  • Can be a groundsheet or tarp or line inside of a tent
  • Lasts for many picnics and camping trips


  • Can build up condensation on inside when used as a blanket

This reinforced space blanket is tough enough to use as a tarp or a groundsheet, but what I like best to do is put it on the floor of my tent with my sleeping bag on it. If I get cold, I flip half the blanket over my bag. It reflects my heat back at me. A little condensation builds up but it tends to evaporate again if I leave the blanket loose instead of pulling it tight at my neck.

My space blanket is ten years old and gets used every summer. I take it on picnics to sit on as a waterproof picnic blanket. If I spill mustard, it's easier to wipe off this blanket than a fuzzy cloth blanket! Sometimes I put it on the ground shiny side up, but on sunny bright days it goes shiny side down.

When I'm carrying a day pack, this blanket often goes in the pack as emergency bedding and shelter. Never had to use it yet, but it's so light that I don't mind having carried it around.

The blanket is showing a little wear but is still shiny. The grommets are still firmly in place and there are no tears in it. It's a reliable and essential piece of my outdoors sports gear.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $12 in 2006


Thanks for the review, Paula. Do you have any pics you could share?

4 years ago
Paula Johanson BRAND REP MEDIA

I'll post one when I go on a picnic with this space blanket and my new CreekKooler -- a good combination.

4 years ago

Sounds good!

4 years ago

Thanks for the review, Paula. I'd also love to see some pictures of how yours has held up. Your review reminded me that I should check out how well my own emergency blanket/shelters are holding up.

4 years ago

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