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VIA Ready Brew

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Excellent, easy to use. The VIA packs are perfect for backcountry coffee. Tiny packaging—simply add to hot water, stir, and enjoy. Not a ton I can say other than it's good and much appreciated on a cold morning.   Full review

VIA Ready Brew

rated 5 of 5 stars Next best thing to a coffee press. I love my Jetboil Coffee Press, but I'm not always on trips where I have enough water to wash it out after brewing. I've used Folgers coffee bags for 20 years and tried the cheaper instant coffees, but Starbucks kills it with this stuff. It's just great—quicker and neater than fresh ground. Packs small and light and very little trash. Full review

VIA Ready Brew

rated 3.5 of 5 stars I'm a coffee snob that normally only drinks "Charbucks" swill when I'm desperate and there are no quality options available. That said, VIA is my go-to source for an enjoyable cup of coffee when backpacking. As I said, I'm a total coffee snob. When at home or car camping, I make my coffee in a French press. But when backpacking, I love VIA.  It weighs almost nothing. It takes up almost no space in my pack (generally it simply fills space that would otherwise be voids in my pack). And there is no… Full review

VIA Ready Brew

rated 2.5 of 5 stars Great Taste, "land" Filling. Could have something to do with Starbucks deal w/Costco, I don't know. These tiny packs of coffee make a wonderful, delightful, full bodied cup of brew that doesn't taste instant. The coffee itself gets 5 stars. Wasteful giant Costco style mega blister pack, then repackaged in groups of three inside that package...I'll bet the two layers of exterior packaging outweighs the little packs 2:1. Anyway, tastes good! Starbucks gets zero stars for considering the environment. Full review

VIA Ready Brew

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Starbucks taste good on a regular day... Starbucks is AMAZING first thing in the morning after hiking all day and camping out all night. A taste of civilization in the backcountry. If you can boil water, you can easily have a great coffee in the morning before your next day of hiking. This is a lightweight compact treat to help keep morale high. Full review

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