Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet

photo: Stihl Pro Splitting Hatchet axe/hatchet


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Extremely high quality base camp tool for processing wood.


  • Affordable high end splitter
  • Heavy weight to drive through wood
  • A splitting BEAST


  • Lacquer instead of oil on handle
  • Needed to be re profiled for better cutting
  • Blade guard not durable

The STIHL Pro Splitting Hatchet features a premium ash handle, oversized neck, and a drop-forged steel head. The hatchet measures 19.75" with a 2.75 lb. cutting head.


I am a Natural Disaster First Responder as well as a SAR tech. I am a chainsaw instructor and was looking for a more compact yet heavy axe mainly for driving felling wedges with occasional chopping   This is worn on my belt. I also wanted to use this tool at base camp for processing wood. The PA20 is perfect for this, almost.

6B8075B5-299D-42AA-9AD0-FD5577290C68.jpgThe handle is oversized and simply awesome, however the paint and lacquer will cause blisters so I decided to sand it down, coat with boiled linseed oil, and add a paracord loop.


I always hand sharpen my axes or knives and upon inspection this could use a little softer profile to help with chopping. This is specifically a splitter but I wanted a little more cut. I use Pherd files to sharpen. Lanskey is good too. I stone finish.

While I was at it I decided to get fancy and polished the head. I didn't want this much bling so I coated with yellow mustard to etch the metal which turned out great.

When I removed the paint on the head I found the forge who makes this axe for Stihl, the oldest forge in Germany.

So how does it cut? I've been using this for a few months. The weight and balance are perfect. While I can chop a tree down if needed this really shines in splitting. No matter the size from logs to kindling and tinder this works great.  

If if you have needs similar to mine or just appreciate great hand tools give the Stihl forestry tools a look. 

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $99.99


Good to see it's an Ochsenkopf axe! I've been lusting after their axes for a while, but have never even seen one let alone used one. For me it doesn't get any better for felling assistance than a Council 3.5lb Miners axe and a couple of those older metal-end wedges...looks like I'll have to seek out this Stihl though!

3 years ago

Thanks for this review. Swedish axes of this size are 3 times this price. Nice to know it's German steel. I'm also looking at an LL Bean axe of this size and now I have your review to help me compare them.

3 years ago

@300winmag I'm glad it helped! The LL Bean axe is a council tool axe relabeled. It's a solid axe but for the price I think the Stihl hand tools are better. Put them both in your hand if you can, that can make a big difference!

3 years ago

Nice review, Cort! Thanks for taking the time to share it and some pictures of your axe.

3 years ago

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