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Iron Mountain 5500

rated 5 of 5 stars This isn't my first pack, but definitely my favorite. The design was different, with room under the sleeping bag area and access too. Great for a fast change of clothes or rain jacket. It seemed expensive at the time, but looking back it was well worth it. You get what you pay for sometimes. I think it's been 8 years or more, who could complain? I take more gear than I need, maybe because there is room for it, but it outperforms me, it would seem. Even tied a bear vault to it the last two years… Full review

Iron Mountain 5500

rated 5 of 5 stars Formerly known as the Iron Mountain 5500 and now known (I think) as Rock Creek; this pack is one that stands out for its unusual design and for what it lacks; zippers and velcro tape. There is nothing more annoying than hearing these two distinct sounds shatter the solitude of any wilderness experience. This pack features a Quickcord draw string closure system on the top and sleeping bag access point on the main pack. The "floating" accessory bag which is suspended above the center of the pack also… Full review

Redstone II

rated 4 of 5 stars Lodestone Mountaineering went out of business so I wondered to myself how I could ever replace my aging Lodestone Blackstone pack which I've had for 3 years. A search on the Web for a zipperless backpack brought me to Stone Creek Designs. Turns out that the people who founded the company used to work for Lodestone. I ordered the Redstone II and found it to be overall an even better design than the Blackstone. No zippers, buttons, velcro or anything that might blow out or fail. The pack uses a proprietary… Full review

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