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rated 4 of 5 stars Cheap lightweight summer bag. Decent quality for the price. I was toasty camping in Scotland in a wet August. Anyone who sleeps under a basha in sub-zero temperatures is going to be cold in a 1kg bag, whether it's down or synthetic. Need to be aware that the low end of the range stated is the temperature at which hypothermia can be avoided.   I like the idea of having a lightweight summer bag than I can add a season to by using an even lighter weight fibre-pile liner, or a couple of seasons with… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars I have been using this bag for years. I recently slept out on the North Downs (Surrey) on 6 December. I had a Rab bivvi and no tent, also used a cotton liner. Bit cold (frost on my beard in the morning) but given that this is a summer bag I think it performed well. Weight is a big issue for me and this bag really scores there. I would rather have a thin light bag and use a bivvi or base layer than get a real heavy winter bag. Have just bought a Snugpak 9 for another rough camp in January. Feel I… Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Really good sleeping bag. Ideal for spring - autumn use. All those reviewers complaining about being cold should probably not be using a 3-season bag for sub zero temperatures. I've had mine for years, used it from spring on Salisbury plain to summer in Iraq, never had a problem with being too hot or cold. The manufacturer rates this as 0 to 32 degrees C, but if you want to be out in anything below around 5 degrees this is not the bag for you. For everyone else it's great. Full review


Spent 3 nights in Britain, only +3 degrees, I was frozen. Very lightweight but only good for summer in south Europe or Spain?? Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars I work for the company which sells it, so I got a hefty discount, but I'd still consider it if you didn't have space or weight to lose. We've put the comfort rating at a low of +7, with extreme as -7, so no wonder another reviewer was cold. The extreme temp rating only means you won't die from hypothermia--wear clothes to avoid frostbite. Full review

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