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Suaoki Solar Panel Foldable LED Lantern

photo: Suaoki Solar Panel Foldable LED Lantern battery-powered lantern


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The Suaoki solar powered lantern is so versatile because you can use the lantern as a flashlight, a tent light, and light on a stand and so much more. Also I like that it has solar panels to charge it during the day, but it also had a USB port to charge it with shore power or a battery bank.


  • Solar panels
  • USB port
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Compact


  • Hook could be better

When I first received the Suaoki solar lantern, I was expecting it to be bigger than it actually was. I guess I was comparing it to the size of a regular camping lantern. This lantern has 3 solar panels on each side of the foldout lights and with 18 LED lights under the panels. At the top of the lantern is a USB port to charge the lantern, the on/off button, and a hook to be able to hang the lantern.

This lantern has 3 modes of operation: low light, high light, and flashing lights. When the lantern is fully charged, the low light will last around 4 hours. On high light, you will get around 2 hours, and flashing lights will last about 4 hours. 

If using the solar panels to change the lantern, after 1 hour of solar charging, you should get around 15 minutes of high light operation and 30 minutes of low light operation (of course, weather conditions will play a major factor on this).

To give you an idea of size, this lantern is 2.47" x 5.9" when closed, and it easily fits into my pocket or a cup holder sleeve on a daypack or backpack. When open it spreads out to 11.47" x 10.67" illuminating an large area. Also this lantern only weighs .37 pounds, which I find to be one of the lightest lanterns that I've owned. 

I create videos for YouTube, and this lantern actually produces a white light (6000-6500K) so that I can not only use it when I'm outdoors, but also as a very compact production light. In fact, here is a little video I put together of me unboxing and playing with the lantern for the first time. I plan on uploading another video soon to talk more about my latest experiences with it.

This lantern is super easy to use. Once you have it fully charged by plugging in the supplies USB cord or putting it out in the sun, you press one button to turn it on, and press the same button to toggle through the modes. 

This is great as a flashlight, a room light, an emergency light, pretty much anything because it's so versatile. If using it as a flashlight, thought, you won't be able to see far into the dark because it's more of a diffused beam then a focused beam of light.

If you have any questions for me about this light, you can ask them on Twitter or Instagram; I'm @LaneVids. Also if you want the follow-up video from me about this light, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel, LaneVids. 


Source: tested or reviewed it for the manufacturer (I kept the product after testing.)

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