Tech4o Traileader 1

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photo: Tech4o Traileader 1 compass watch


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Reviewers Paid: $150.00


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I bought the watch to take with me on my adventures in Alaska. It handled very well until about 35 degrees (oF). Near freezing it was slow and the displays strength was weak; meaning the numbers were faded and not as dark. Once in my coat where it was warm it quickly came back to full strength.

I went back to California where I swam with it and had champagne spill on it without being cleaned off. I guess it had time to get into the components and malfunction. After a a few days of not working I sent it off to Johnson Outdoors and they said "yea it's toast want a discounted one?"

No refund, no fixing it, just another excuse to get me to buy another one. It was pretty much my fault anyways but, the watch didn't hold up to the elements of everyday life.

Buy a real waterproof watch. Or don't get this one near any moisture.


Price Paid: $150

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