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Tecnica Sigma GTX

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Sigma GTX has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best backpacking boots for 2024.

Great boot for real outdoor enthusiasts. Tough, comfortable, supportive, and great looking.

Why great:

Vibram Force1 outsole provides great traction and protects from any on trail or off trail challenges. Great for heavy duty backpacking. The sole is not too stiff like some other backpacking boots, but its adequate for almost any terrain.

Midsole: lovely cushioning. absorbs bumps and gives you a great feeling with every stride. This multi density PU midsole is a great innovation by tecnica. I love it. I hiked in rockey off trail areas and never felt any pain or any rock underneath my feet. When you put these boots on nature's elements are only to enjoy not to ruin your day.

Upper: nubak leather and wrap around technology makes these boots fit almost any type of feet. Thick nubak leather is very durable and water resistant. The Gore-Tex lining makes it very waterproof. High cut designing and Gore-Tex made stream crossing a easy job.

What's not so great: availability. You can not find these boots anymore. The toe box is pretty boxy looking. It's great for people with little wider feet. Not a pair of boot to look cool and outdoorsie in you after work or weekend BBZ party. In other words, not a boot for the fake outdoors man. It screams "get real".

Bottom Line: Great great boot made in Italy. Not too heavy but provides more than everything a heavier weight boot can provide. You can do everything except alpine mountaineering in these puppies. Will last forever if you do some general boot care. Could not ask for more.

Update: January 12, 2006

This is my follow-up review. I have recently completed a three-week hiking/caving/backpacking trip to the Lookout Mountain region in Tenessee and Georgia. I carried a 40 lb pack almost every day for two weeks and hiked through mountain streems, rocky fields, sleek rocks, mud, and urban streets. I am absolutely happy with these boots as they kept me dry, blister and pain free, and sure footed.

I also use the boots on a day-to-day basis in NY and PA snow. High ankle support helps me walk through deep snow and provides me great ankle support all the time. Also, the Nuback leather is supper tough and supple. with the nikwax treatment it is super waterproof and promising a long long life.

I can brag a lot about the underfoot support, but I am afraid that I will bore you. let me just say that the midsole and outsole provides great comfort and protection. With 40lbs+ on rocky terrains I felt no pain or underfoot discomfort. the extra thickness of the midsole at the heel strike is one of the key aspects of a great footware design.

I love the way the lacing system lets you custom fit the boot to confirm to the shape of the foot. it makes the boots feel substentially lighter than the actual weight. Although it is designated as the backpacking boot, it is so versatile and functional that you can use it for day hiking, walk in the park, backpacking, and light summer mountaineering. If you want to buy only one pair of boots for every outdoors thing you do, the Tecnica Sigma is perfect for it.

One thing could improve these boots -- deeper lugged outsole. but, that would probably increase the weight of the boots.

Materials: nuback, synthetic
Use: mid to heavy Backpackig, hiking, Fastpacking
Break-in Period: one week
Weight: 3lb 4oz
Price Paid: USD 90

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Price Reviewers Paid: $90.00