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Tecnica Torrent

rated 4.5 of 5 stars

The Torrent has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best water shoes for 2024.

photo: Tecnica Torrent water shoe

The problem with many "amphibious" shoes is that despite their usual light weight they often don't dry quickly enough. Another problem for many of them is comfort. They can be so low profile they are unsuitable for extended periods of walking. Sometimes the synthetic materials chafe bare feet or fit too snugly and don't breathe as well as they should. And finally, durability is a constant concern.

The Tecnica Torrent defeats all of these issues. With the cellular rubber under the heels, and thick springy midsoles, the Torrent feels like a performance running shoe, and the strap support system lets you snug or loosen the fit as needed. It's a shoe I can wear all day long.

The placement of a mesh panel between the first and second toes seems especially effective at drawing fresh air into the shoes with each step or stray breeze. Many shoes have mesh that is placed in efficiently and does not produce the cooling feeling unless air is blown on the spot. The soles are stitched into the shoe at the toe for enhanced durability, a measure I can recall in no other water shoe.

The traction, although billed as a generic "sticky rubber" is certainly no weak point. I would say the grip is excellent.

Now, for water. Not much to say, really, other than water does not last long on or inside the Torrent. The shoes act like a sieve, and anything left over is dry in no time, especially if you're moving.

There are more protective shoes out there, but there's always a loss in some other area(s) as a result. I think the Torrent is the closest any company has come to the perfect amphibious shoe so far.

Materials: 100% Synthetic
Use: Walking, hiking, some running, fishing, airport terminal
Break-in Period: None
Weight: 13 oz (In size 12)

I have always been skeptical of water shoes, for many of the reasons listed in previous reviews. They chafe, they dry slowly, they feel unstable on long hikes. Yet the Tecnica in my view is the best water shoe I have found on the market and the one accessory I never forget when I travel.

This shoe has never chaffed my feet and maintains its comfort on long hikes. I took them all over Vietnam, from the Ho Chi Minh City to Ha Luong Bay. They breathe, they clean easily, and they fit perfectly.

I have used these on dive boats, sailing boats (as a substitute for classically styled boat shoes), long mountain bike rides, weekends at the beach, kayaks, white water trips, and approaches to my favorite rock climbing areas.

Regarding drying time, they can stay wet if you do not let them air out. When left in the sun, they can dry quickly. Pebbles and sand can come in through the vents in the shoe, but they are not too difficult to clear.

Price Paid: $70

Love this shoe! Perfect for water. Only dislike is once sand gets in them, it is hard to get it out.

Price Paid: $70

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