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Teva Sunkosi

rated 3.5 of 5 stars

The Sunkosi has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best water shoes for 2024.

photo: Teva Sunkosi water shoe

This is exactly as advertised-Teva's claims and description are a testimony, not marketing. Contrary to one review here I've found them to be plenty grippy on wet rocks (now wearing down my second pair). The only gripe I have is that the instep on the soles is solid plastic: great for protection, but not great if you jump to a rock and land on it rather than the rubber heel or ball section...the only time I've slipped in these shoes. The Sunkosi 2 addressed this (my next pair when my 1's wear out)

Update: December 19, 2011

Love the design, but with repeated exposure to fresh and salt water (immediately fresh water rinsed after, no eroding soaps used) the sole is delaminating from the mid-sole. Repairing myself, but disappointing considering the supposed "pro" level design of the sandal.

The rest of the shoe is flawless. Hopefully my glue job restores the sandal to its former glory.

Beware of New Old Stock of these sandals and others with the same Spider Rubber sole pattern. I am experiencing the same issue with other shoe/sandal models with the same sole design. It would appear that there was a mfg flaw for one season of production...

Materials: synthetic mesh, drains in sole
Use: trail, amphibious, watersports
Break-in Period: none
Weight: Light enough...
Price Paid: $23

My husband and I live in Hawaii and love to hike, kayak and snorkel. I highly recommend this shoe. We were looking for a sandal/shoe hybrid that would drain quickly, wouldn't give us blisters when we didn't wear socks, and wouldn't allow rocks into the shoe.

At first we got the Salomon Amphibian shoes. We were disappointed. They didn't look very durable and they weren't very comfortable. We could tell we'd get blisters while wearing these shoes and they weren't cushy. We sent them back and got the more expensive Teva Sunkosi. It's worth the extra money not to have blisters.

The Tevas are very comfy, fit very securely around your foot, and have very good traction. They are also a good looking shoe. They are so comfortable, I feel like I could wear this shoe while jogging.

I saw it advertised on most websites for a little over $100. I found it for $74 at Even if you don't find it on sale, it is worth the extra money.

Use: dayhikes crossing streams over slippery rocks and kayaking
Price Paid: $74

First the good:
I've been using the Sunkosi as a river kayaking shoe for a couple of weeks. It's super comfy and fits in my boat well.

They look nice too.

BUT they are so slippery on wet rock that I'm better off wearing bare feet. The rubber on the bottom is way to hard and as a result it just slides everywhere. Do not recommend at all if you are planning on using these shoes on wet rock as they are just plain dangerous.

Price Paid: 120 NZD

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