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Teva Toachi

rated 1.50 of 5 stars

The Toachi has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best sport sandals for 2020.

photo: Teva Toachi sport sandal


Price Historic Range: $49.96-$90.00
Reviewers Paid: $45.00-$80.00
Price Historic Range: $45.95-$90.00
Reviewers Paid: $90.00
Price MSRP: $50.00
Historic Range: $24.93-$59.93


5 reviews
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4-star:   1
3-star:   1
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1-star:   3

Well, I have to qualify this. I bought the version with a closed toebox which they don't make any more, because I got tired of banging my toes up all those years in my Tevas.

Without a doubt, the Toachis are the most comfortable sandal I've ever owned, bar none. I can wear them endlessly without getting tired or sore feet. Feels like I was born with them on. I like the way they look, too. I like them so much, I bought 2 pairs when they went on sale end of season.

Now, having raved about them, I have to report that I just got back from a long walk looking for the sole that fell off. I don't know if the glue is the problem, or the design (2 piece heel and forefoot), but the soles fall off.

I have tried regluing them with contact cement, then Barge cement. Same result. I am about to use Shoe Goo and, if that fails, I will try neoprene cement.

I don't mind fixing them now and then really, but I have had TEVAS since they began, many pairs. These are my favorite but they are also the only ones that ever fell apart before they were worn out. What is wrong????

Price Paid: $60 or so

Bought these sandals and wore them the first time, but took them off as they squeaked like crazy. You'd have thought "Squidward' was coming down the hall, they were so noisy!

My son wore them on vacation to Maui and the fore and aft soles delaminated on both sandals.

I contacted Teva with my dilemma and as awesome as they are, they sent me my choice of replacement sandals (Terra Fi3's). They were here in 2 days and I couldn't be happier.

Price Paid: $45

My husband and I both bought a pair of these two years ago. We love them. But, on the exact same day, the soles on both pairs of our sandals peeled off.

Very disappointing for Tevas. We're going to try to glue them back on because we enjoy these sandals so much but hope Teva improves this design flaw.

Price Paid: $90

Awful build quality! The stitching in the straps came out after about a month's use. I actually had to use one of my tent straps as a field repair.

The sole that's designed to drain water from your feet to the ground works well, but it also works the other way around: If your sandals just stepped in some dog feces, yeah, your feet are actually stepping in dog feces. Once you step into something that smells bad, the sandals are almost impossible get properly clean again because of the sole's hollowness. You'll actually be walking around with a small chamber of disgusting smelly stuff under you feet.

I bought mine abroad so I never had the option of returning them. I'm never buying Tevas again!

Price Paid: $80

A very comfortable shoe, but completely fell apart after less than 30 days use. Rubbish shoes with terrible build quality - do not buy!

Price Paid: 140 SGD

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