The North Face Apex Valkyrie Jacket

The Apex Valkyrie Jacket has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best soft shell jackets for 2020.

photo: The North Face Apex Valkyrie Jacket soft shell jacket


Price Historic Range: $79.58-$229.00


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Well I got this jacket in a warranty replacement for the Apex Hooded Infusion Jacket because the infusion material began to peel off after a year. It was a GREAT jacket, except for the infusion around the hem of the jacket. I think I just got one bad lemon. The North Face quickly sent me a new jacket to replace it.

Anyways, I got the the Valkryie Jacket for warranty because they stopped making the other and it is a little heavier, but more versatle. It breathes better because it is not waterproof like the other Apex jacket (Apex Weatherblock). Keep in mind there are three types of Apex fabric--Apex areobic is the most breathable and lightest, Apex Universal is a more all around fabric and it's what Valkryie is, and Apex Weather block which is the Apex fabric with a laminated waterproof layer, basically waterproof expecpt for the seams.

So with the Valkryie I can wear the jacket alot longer before I begin to overheat. Longer than with Gore Windstopper jackets I have had in the past. I have had it in light rains and I haven't got wet. The fabric is very snag resistant in thorny brush, and it is ok warm when you're are just standing around, but I didn't buy it to wear to ball games. The hood is nice in the wind and snow.

So if you are looking for a jacket that has good protection from all kinds of weather and don't want to get overheated if you walk up a hill, then this is a very good option.

Price Paid: warranty

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