Light, durable, excellent liners that breathe as well…

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Light, durable, excellent liners that breathe as well as a versatile glove.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Warm
  • Great liners
  • Stops wind in needed zone


  • Not as form fitted as some models.

Fit and Comfort: The gloves fit fine. They slip on and off without a hitch. Fleece has that sweet spot of just enough snug without constriction.

Water Resistance: Fleece does not absorb water, so they keep your hands dry even when paired with a exterior shell (I use a Gore-tex mitt shell).

Breathability: Fleece has amazing breathability with warmth retention.

Warmth: Warm for temps from 20°F-40° depending on your level of action. The windstopper is strategically placed to keep your hands warm in the right spots. When I ride bike to work, they deflect the wind on my fingers nicely on cold days.

Layering: These are my one of my favorite liners with mittens. As long as you leave enough room for the glove to fit in without squeezing you'll find that they are great. If the liner becomes too tight and presses against the mitt too much, you increase the conductivity of the pair and will find that the cold will get in more easily.

Construction and durablity: These gloves can handle a lot even though they don't look like much. I've been wearing mine for two years and they haven't worn through the finger tips yet. The stitching is still intact.  I've burned a nice hole through the fleece where a hot ember landed on it. 

Conclusion: I would recommend the Denali Gloves for their versatility to any one. I found that there are some comparable gloves out there that are better (Outdoor Research PL line gloves are more form fitted and just as warm) but there's nothing wrong with the NF Denalis.


Thanks for the glove review, Jesse.

3 years ago