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The North Face Hydrenaline Jacket

rated 4.50 of 5 stars

The Hydrenaline Jacket has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best jackets for 2021.


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Price Reviewers Paid: $75.00-$135.00
Price Historic Range: $30.00
Reviewers Paid: $60.00-$135.00


12 reviews
5-star:   8
4-star:   4
3-star:   0
2-star:   0
1-star:   0

I doubt this product is still manufactured, but just in case. This is a great windbreaker/aerobic jacket, but it is NOT for wet weather. It will repel a light rain but quickly gets leaky wet in a heavy rain.

Fabric: coated nylon
Price Paid: $60

I bought it as a warm weather backpacking and canoeing jacket andso far it has worked out wonderfully. It keeps light rain and wind out and is still very breathable. It's very light and the hydrenaline fabric is very comfortable. It's a good jacket for the price.

Fabric: polyester
Price Paid: $135

Awesome jacket. I wear it everywhere; hiking, biking, and yes, unbelievably, to school. This jacket is very breathable and fairly wind resistant (can't withstand gale force wind) and is even fashionable. The campus chicks dig a man in TNF wear, especially when it is a hydrenaline.

Fabric: wind resistant polyester
Fill: Light fleece chest liner
Price Paid: parents' mortgage (just joking: $125)

For activities from running to day hiking to playing tennis with that hot chick on campus, I definitely recommend this jacket as an all around piece of equipment. The breathability of this jacket is phenomenal. As many others have stated, the price is a bit steep for the jacket, but in the long run after having felt (by the way, it's got a really cool feel to it) and seen the way it "breathes", you'll see what I mean by it's worth it.

Advice for those who are looking to purchase...look are out there, look for companies that are price competitive (i.e. match and beat another companies prices).

Another is NOT water PROOF, but it is water repellent, meaning the fabric is woven tightly enough to keep a light splash out, but it can't say, withstand the force of a firehose like the upper level three ply Gore-Tex Kichatna can. The purpose of the Hydrenaline however, was not to keep out water, but to be able to evaporate it from the body..and it does a superb job of what it was made to do.

Fabric: Hydrenaline Microfiber
Fill: Coolmax lining
Price Paid: $90

Great jacket for mountain biking or rollerblading. It might be a little expensive but it's worth to pay a little more to have the Notrh Face logo on it because you know that no matter what happen to your jacket North Face will fix it (most likely free of charge) plus you have to admit that North Face look cool.... But beside looks, what I like the most it's to see how well it performe. The major quality of this jacket is when you wear it, you can't feel it, it is so light and windproof. I certainly recommend it.

Fabric: Polyester
Price Paid: $150 CDN

Great minimalist jacket for trail running and mt. biking. Also a great jacket for traveling.

Fabric: polyester
Price Paid: $75

I bought this jacket last sping and really like it. It doesn't keep out really terrible stuff but most rain is kept out. It breathes really nice and the drawcords pull the jacket close to keep out the wind. It has so many pockets that I lose stuff once it goes in the jacket. I also like the hood that stowes in the collar. When other hoods don't and you don't wear them, they fill up with water. I would buy it again. I also have the more expensive Mountain Light, but sometimes prefer to take this one.

Fabric: Nylon
Price Paid: $135

I have really enjoyed this jacket. I have worn it hiking, snowshoeing, elk hunting, and recently skiing over a Polargaurd fleece insulated layer. It blocks the wind well, breathes well, and sheds water. I have been very happy with it. Would not pay more than $100 though.

Price Paid: $100

A fantastic jacket that i would recommend to anyone needing a light windproof and highly water resistant jacket. I wear mine all the time from mountain biking to around town use. The 100 dollar price is steep for a windbreaker type jacket but you will not regret it.

Fabric: hydrenaline nylon
Price Paid: $100

Excellent. Don't buy a Nike or Adidas track suit to train in. This jacket is breathable, with Coolmax lining, taffeta in sleeves, inside pocket, inner draft flap and outer zipperflap. Hood tucks into collar. Velcro sleeves are excellent. It's much easier to put gloves on with em. Stuffs into its own pocket. Light. Not windproof, but windresistant. ICR line is windproof. Single Pull Drawcords at hem are handy.

Only improvement, lining for your chin. Nylon could be irritating. Water resistancy is good for a jacket of this weight. Worth $75. $150 is hard to swallow.

Fabric: Hydraline Nylon? tight weave nylon. hydrophobic
Price Paid: 150 CND, on sale for 75

I bought this jacket as a windbreaker for cross-country skiing and running. It is the best wind breaker I have ever used. It's EXTREMELY breathable and breaks wind very well. It's not waterproof but that doesn't matter to me when I ski in the winter. A great jacket. It could be a little less expensive though.

Fabric: Hydraline (Fancy name for windproof breathable nylon)
Price Paid: $75

This lightweight wind breaker is a great pullover for nearly any conditions with the acception of wet weather. It comes with a hood which tucks neatly and comfortably in the coller. Furthermore, the stowaway pocket which zips horizontally and the joined hand pockets enable one to carry and store just about any thing. It has adjustable cuff for all sizes of wrist and a draw cord for the waist to complete the jacket. My only complaint is that its a little pricey,I think we're paying more for the name than the protective features of the jacket, but then what's new.

Fabric: wind proof nylon
Price Paid: $95

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