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The North Face Philter

rated 5 of 5 stars

The Philter has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best water shoes for 2024.

photo: The North Face Philter water shoe

I have worn this shoe every day for 5 years, that good is the quality of this shoe.

This is a "wolf in sheep's clothing." It seems like a simple shoe until you test its extreme limits.

The drainage is fantastic, best shoe ever made for all-around purpose [except rain in a city].

Perfect in very hot climate since every move ventilates this shoe.

Perfect for city life and walking compared to more open mesh sandals. No dirt or sand gets into the shoe when on a beach or in the city. It protects expensive drysuit socks.

Very comfortable sole during the shoes complete lifespan.

Extremely light weight shoe for running/ walking.

The best sailing shoe there is, makes no marks, perfect grip, even when wet! The sole is flat, it doesn't scratch plastic surfaces or cause damage.

This is the ultimate indoor shoe as well, perfect at work.

Should not be worn a rainy day in the city since dirty water enters from below, but that's what one has to expect, from this shoe made for the true nomads of this world.

After this hill, another waits. /Niklas L

P.S. The yellow model, thanks to the special vibrant color becomes normal yellow after 3 years, a yellow that makes the shoe look as if it was just bought.

P.S.S. Please "The North Face" drop the pride and start selling them again, there is no alternative.

Materials: hydrotrak sole
Use: dayhikes, trailrunning, sailing, kayaking, urban
Weight: less than jogging shoes
Price Paid: 80$

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