ThorFire LED Camping Lantern

photo: ThorFire LED Camping Lantern battery-powered lantern


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My all time favorite camping lantern/flashlight.


  • Bright light
  • Multiple settings
  • Hand charger


  • Needs a hook for hanging
  • Durability of the accordion plastic

I'm an overnight backpacker and have used many types of lanterns and flashlights over the years and this by far is my favorite. It has two settings and I find the lowest setting gives me all the light I need when out in the middle of nowhere on a dark night.

It's pretty lightweight and doubles as a very good flashlight as well. Since the battery is internal, I don't have to worry about carrying spare batteries with me on my trips.

Right out of the box I charged it and turned it on to its highest setting. It lasted about 45 minutes before it started to dim. Even then it gave off enough light for almost another 15 minutes. I did not test the lower setting, but I'm guessing it would last quite a bit longer.

It comes with a USB charging cable and a connector with which you could possibly charge other things with it (via USB) but I don't think it would be very useful for that and I don't have a need to try and charge other equipment. It comes with a crank that gives off a lot of light for a few minutes after some turns.

Most of the time on my trips I only need light for a few minutes at a time so this thing has me covered. It has a hanger connected to it, but it only pulls out to a loop. I'd much rather have a hook that I could hang from anywhere but because it doesn't, I'll need to carry something else with me to hang this from the inside of my tent.

It has a red light that shows when it's being charged or when you're cranking the handle, but there is no real way to know when it is fully charged. I usually leave it charging overnight before I leave.

The case is fairly well constructed. You can pull apart the top and the bottom to make a lantern. The plastic for the lantern is accordion style and it's thinner so I'm not quite sure how long this part of it will last. Because of this I took away one half star, but for all the other features I could probably give it a 5 star. Let's just say I'm at 4.5 stars.

I've only used this a couple of trips so far this summer. If something should wear out with it, I will update this review.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $12.99


Thanks for the review of this light, Ray. I hope you'll keep us updated on how it continues to work out for you.

4 years ago

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