Tilley TH4 Hemp Hat

photo: Tilley TH4 Hemp Hat sun hat


Price Historic Range: $46.20-$79.80
Reviewers Paid: $78.00


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A great hat. Especially if you have a big head like mine ... size 8 is pretty hard to find.

Excellent sun protection. Pretty good in the rain, definitely better than cotton and has a lot more absorbency than nylon.

Very comfortable and good looks. The tie down cords are great and you can just hang the hat off your neck in the back if you don't want to carry it.

I'd rate the hemp much better than cotton. The latter is prone to perspiration stains that you can't get out. My hemp one has no stains. Hemp is also much more rot proof than cotton.

The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is that the wide brim is a bit floppy in the wind. There is a slightly narrower brimmed hemp model (TH5) that should be better in that respect. That's going to be my next Tilley purchase.

Fabric: Hemp
Price Paid: $78

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