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RePEaT Utensil Set

rated 2 of 5 stars OK, but will replace with something else. I thought this would be great for two uses: camping and my work [a prison] where I can't bring in metal items. Smooth, well manufactured items from bamboo. Chopsticks are included. I don't use them to eat, but great for stirring, poking food items during prep. Fork tines are stubby and don't really stab food items. You have to "scoop" the food. Spoon is OK, but bowl shape is shallow and round, not oval, and does not scrape food from corners of a cup, pan… Full review

RePEaT Utensil Set

rated 1.5 of 5 stars Lightweight, recycled product I want to like, but it's just not practical cutlery. Go-T0-Ware Bamboo ~vs~ TOAKS Titanium Cutlery Since there are several of us going on a trip I figured that I'd buy some Christmas presents for some of the others who will be on the trip and it would give me the opportunity to compare different items. I purchased some TOAKS brand Titanium Cutlery sets and some Bamboo Cutlery sets. Each has some interesting advantages, but as I think you will see, the Bamboo spoon is… Full review

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