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TOPS Knives Steel Eagle 107C Delta

photo: TOPS Knives Steel Eagle 107C Delta fixed-blade knife


Price MSRP: $260.00
Overall Length 13.00"
Blade Length 7.63"
Blade Thickness 0.250"
Knife Weight 18.2oz


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Solid 7-inch full tang knife, with a functional saw on the back edge of the blade. Best used in the processing of firewood and as an all around knife for use in the backcountry. It has a super sturdy design, and can handle serious use and abuse. Highly recommend.


  • Made from sturdy high carbon steel
  • The saw on the back is actually very effective
  • Excellent ergonomic design
  • Full Tang
  • Comes with a excellent sheathe with a rotating sheathe clip, allowing for 360 degrees of mounting options.


  • Cost (can be quite pricey)
  • Is large and can be hefty for lightweight campers
  • Needs to be oiled after use for storage
  • (as all high carbon steel blades do)

This knife is an all around beast. I absolutely love it, works like a charm, holds its edge, is super sturdy, and can be used in a wide variety of ways from splitting logs by "batoning" through them, to sawing through small sticks or branches, along with all the other expected uses out of a sturdy fixed blade knife. I find this knife is great for making notches in wood efficiently, so if you are into bushcraft this is gonna be your kinda knife.

It's a rather hefty knife, so if you're a lightweight backpacker this may be more than you'd want to carry. On the other hand, as a knife alone it will accomplish many of the tasks that a small saw or axe would be normally be required for; so it can be used as a single standalone all purpose tool or as an excellent compliment to an axe or saw.

Hey, check out this video, where I go over the different options for various wood harvesting tools, including Saws, Axes, and Survival Knives featuring the "Tops Steel Eagle 107C Delta" 




I come from a canoe tripping perspective, usually being rather sparing with what I collect in regards to firewood (despite what you see in the video as I'm trying to showcase what the gear is capable of). It all depends on the trip, but ever since I got this sucker two years ago it's been a constant companion on all my recent canoe trips; from Temagami, Killarney to Queen Elizabeth Wildlands II.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: $270 CDN


Thanks for the review, Eric!

3 years ago

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