Touring Paddle Boards

Touring boards fill the gap between recreational and race boards. Longer than a recreational board, shorter than a race board, these boards can combine the efficient displacement hull of a race board with the width and extra volume of a recreational board to create a user friendly, casual distance board. The displacement hull creates a board with better glide, performance, and straight tracking. Some stability is sacrificed for speed, but with a greater volume, touring boards are a good option if you plan to paddle with kids or pets on board.

Faster than a recreational board, more stable than a race board, a great choice for fitness and flat water cruising.

Recent Touring Paddle Board Reviews

rated 4 of 5 stars
Red Paddle Co 11'0" Sport

Portable inflatable paddle board in the sport touring category. Easy to transport and set up. Comes complete ready to paddle, just add water. I will start this review with the caveat that I am a rank beginner stand-up paddle boarder, having only attempted the sport once in the ocean, on vacation, and it did not go very well. Also, since I am so inexperienced I could not give this excellent paddle board a 5-star rating simply because I did not have it long enough nor do I I know enough at this time… Full review

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