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rated 1.5 of 5 stars Very uncomfortable for me, even for 2-3 hours hiking. Gore-tex membrane doesn't ensure waterproofing after a couple of years usage. I used these occasionally for 6 years now. Mostly for summer and spring mountain treks, lately just for approaching alpine routes during spring. I changed the insole hoping to make them more comfortable. Unsuccessful. They become painful even after 2-3 hours approach. They squeeze the tip of of my toes when wearing moderate cushion socks, even if I'm pretty sure the… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Last resort. Found in the town of Ludlow, UK. I was mid hike on the Offas Dyke Hike. With these boots I was able to finish the hike in Crepstow. M feet were in really bad shape due to toe and heel blisters. I found these low Trezetas in Ludlow, UK. I wore these, and gave my other two pairs of hiking boots to charity. I like these Trezetas because they are wide enough that I could wear them comfortably even with taped up heel and toe blisters. I kept going even though I had a shin splint, which I… Full review

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rated 0.5 of 5 stars Do not buy Trezeta brand hiking shoes. They do not stand behind their products.  I purchased mine a couple of years ago. They were very comfortable and did not need to be broken in.  I only used them for three weeks because we only go hiking 1 week per year.  (We live in Florida and go to North Caroling for our hiking).  I kept them in the box and were well taken care of.  When I wore them on our hiking trip this year, the sole separated from the shoe. The material in between the shoe and… Full review


rated 5 of 5 stars Had these boots for 20 years. Break-in was a little rough but they have been my most comfortable footwear for the last 18 years. Still in top shape. Just waxed 'em up for another fall winter season. Happy hiking. Full review


rated 4 of 5 stars Extremely comfortable, strong sole grip, only the ice can stop these boots. They are typical summer-trekking/hiking-boots, but I used them on a ski-nordic path in Val di Fiemme, Dolomiti, Italy, just two days ago. I hiked for two hours, and at the end, some drops of cold water were penetrated frome the point of the boots, because the snow freezed on them. A detail that confirm the seasons in wich the Trezeta Hypo must be used: all, except deep-winter, for which nabuk-boots are recommended. Anyway,… Full review

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