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Tubbs Women's Flex TRK

photo: Tubbs Women's Flex TRK recreational snowshoe


Price MSRP: $149.95
Current Retail: $99.95-$159.95
Historic Range: $49.98-$189.90


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For the casual snowshoer, these snowshoes are a great bang for their buck. Pound for pound, they are a really great product.


  • Flexible
  • Full length tracks
  • Good pivot
  • Good bite for slopes and ice
  • Good weight


  • Cannot add to length
  • Must be in a "weight limit"
  • Straps can be fiddly

I found these snowshoes to be quite easy to use. The strapping snugged up fine.  It took a bit to figure out how to keep the straps on the tab so they didn't come loose.  I also liked how they fit on the my pack when I didn't need them. Not all snowshoes are as easy to stow.  I frankly forgot that I had them on my feet most of the time.

The flex of these shoes is one of my favorite features.  They ride really well over the uneven surface of snow, footstep holes, etc. The full length traction worked really well. 

After much research and experience of renting different types of snowshoes, these were hands down my favorites for the type of shoeing I do.  They are quieter than the MSRs, and much more durable than the sling type.  With few moving parts and solid construction, they hold together really well.

I found a local sports store which rents a similar type of shoe, so we rented pairs several times. These shoes hold up over time. I figured that if they can take the beating of renters, they can take the much nicer use I will dole out to my gear.

Typically, I snowshoe up around Rainier. I am not interested in doing anything extreme. I am out to just enjoy the day with beautiful views.  But, when I have done a little "off roading" in them, they hang onto the slope just fine. I never felt like I was going to slip and slide in them.

As long as the user isn't over 180 pounds with a pack, these shoes should do just fine for most uses. 

Source: received it as a personal gift

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