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UGQ Down Skully

photo: UGQ Down Skully winter hat


Weight 28 g for Large
Temp Rating 10-30 deg F


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Quilt users will want to take notice of this 1.4 oz. down beanie/skully which may become one of your favorite pieces of winter gear. Anyone who hangs out in the cool can find this super light and very warm hat worth every penny of the purchase price.

Uses are only limited to their imagination. Hunters, anglers, hikers, sports fans, shooters, golfers and everyone who hangs out in the cold can benefit from this 850 hyper Drydown filled beanie.


  • Uber light weight
  • Incredible warmth
  • Water resistant shell
  • Micro fleece headband
  • Tiny size


  • A little pricey compated to the venerable tobogan


Start with a 10D nylon inner and 15D DWR treated nylon ripstop outer shell with small pockets filled with 850 Hyper DryDown finished out with a micro fleece head band and what you finish with is the warmest hat I've ever put upon my head! And one that has kept me toasty warm down to the teens while nestled in between my down filled underquilt and top quilt. Coupled with a fleece neck gaiter I simply do not miss the hoods of my sleeping bags at all.

A pic of the outer shell for a view of the workmanship and scale.

Interior, micro fleece headband and the only seam. The seam is not noticeable when wearing and is located in the rear of the hat. No loose threads have been observed and zero down escapees have been found.


Check out the loft in each of the down filled pockets!

Fit and Finish

Are top notch, there are sizes available from 21" to 26" that should accommodate pretty much anyone's noodle carrier regardless of size. Measure your head size, place your order and get ready to receive a hassle free way to stay warm whatever your doing outside in the cold.

I find the hat large enough that when bedding down I can pull it down just past the bridge of my nose and still cover to the base of my neck. A balaclava or neck gaiter rounds off the weather protection for me.

The hat is not snugged down in this pic and has ample room to pull down to nearly cover my eyes while still covering down to the base of my neck.

In the Field

You can overheat in this hat, I've hiked in 30° weather and found this hat better left in the pack. I find this hat more suited for use when minimal or no physical exertion is going on. When I did wear it while hiking, the micro fleece band worked well at absorbing the moisture and the hat does breathe, but I find this to be best suited for use as an in camp item when it comes to backpacking.

I've only had this product since September and so far have used it in the 40's to the teens and have yet to experience the bottom end of the temperature range of this fine product.

Source: Won in raffle


That's a pretty nice win, DW. I'll be curious to hear how it does down to its lower 10°F limit, and below.

6 years ago

Down in the seams! Great idea. I love my down beanie, but the seams are the weakness.

6 years ago

Goose, low teens is as far as I've used this so I have not experienced any heat loss in the seams. If you are experiencing issues with it maybe you message Paul or Missy at UGQ and request a double layer with the seams offset. They do custom work who knows, You could be the owner of their 1st sub zero skully! I plan on using a thin merino beanie as a liner this winter to see how that works. They did offer a down scarf at one time.

6 years ago

I mean that I own a Black Rock down beanie and it doesn't have the seam insulation. I like UGQ's idea here! Here is my review from a couple years ago.

6 years ago

And I DO like my Black Rock. I just like the UGQ idea.

6 years ago

I see your point, I had read your review before but forgot that the BR was baffle construction. I do like the Hyperdrydown UGQ uses, I have one of their quilts with the same down, it's never lost loft during my use even in the winter with frost on it.

6 years ago

Thanks for the helpful review, dirtwheels. I'd like to get one of these, it looks super nice!

6 years ago

Ashleigh, I gotta think you'll love it. The only time it's been cold enough to wear it for more than an hour or so here is during our few coldest nights. Hope to get it out more this winter. UGQ does great work IMHO.

6 years ago

thanks for this review dirtwheels! I've been on the fence about one of their beanies for a while now and you've helped seal that deal. I've got several of their quilts and have never had an issue with their quality, workmanship, warmth, or customer service. Paul is a great guy I've personally met a few times and hung out with. In fact he rode his motorcycle from Michigan to Texas in November to hang with the Texas Hammock Hangers in our annual fall hang. He makes other hangs too. One can't go wrong with dUGQ.

6 years ago

DonP, You're exactly right about Paul and Missy is also a pleasure to meet. They do get around, I met them at a PSH event initially when they hand delivered a quilt for me. And yes he rides a nice bike. I've hiked in 20* weather and have yet been able to keep the skully on while hiking very long, it's quite the insulator. Great world this hammock hanging community has become. Enjoy your new skully. Now to score some Bonefire Gear Igneous Socks so I'm fully insulated on both ends while nestled in my down this winter. If it ever gets here.

6 years ago

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