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Fastpack 15

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A great pack for long days in the mountains; even a bare bones overnighter. I've now had about dozen mountain runs in the 18-25 mile range with this pack and can state unequivocally, it's a keeper. This is really a nice sized pack for an all day adventure; with its stretch pockets it's very close to 20 liters. I typically have mine loaded with 6-8 lbs (about 1/2 that in water). Pack carries very nicely—no bounce or sway and it's very comfortable. The pockets are laid out nicely and easy to access. Full review

Body Bottle 500+

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Soft sided water bottle that can be collapsed as it empties. This eliminates the sloshing sounds of any trapped air in the bottle. If you hate the sound of sloshing in your water bottles, this product is for you. The walls of the water bottle are constructed from plastic similar to what is used for hydration reservoirs. The result is a pliable bottle that is only as big as the amount of liquid it contains (up to 17 oz).  I run with a small hydration pack that has two pockets up front that I use… Full review

PB Adventure Vest

rated 5 of 5 stars I rarely write a review where I don't have a con. I looked long and hard for one on this piece of gear, but really couldn't find it, at least in functionality. I'm a bigger runner, so I notice that you must get the bigger size with this product or it just will be too small. I love the amount of gear it can carry, very versatile if you don't want to put a bottle in you can use that pocket for a myriad of other uses.   Great gear for both road and trail. Highly recommend.   Full review

PB Adventure Vest

rated 5 of 5 stars Vest is so light. Love the bottles in front. Vest is so light, it has no structure. Structure comes from the gear inside, and when not full the pack tightens down nicely to re-size. Love the bottles in front.  If you need a super lightweight, full of features vest, this is a great one. Watch the sizing—it runs small and long. Full review

FastDraw Extreme

rated 4 of 5 stars I would recommend this bottle for anyone looking a quality 20 ounce bottle that doesn't leak. The removal handheld carrier means you can use it for any outdoor sport in which quick access to water is needed. I have used this bottle for both cycling and running on and off trails. In all the times I have used the bottle I have never run out of water while on the go. The neoprene insulation around the bottle kept my hands from getting cold and the water from getting too warm. I have only used the bottle… Full review

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Ultimate Direction is owned by American Rec, which also owns IsisKelty, Mountain Trails, ROKKRoyal Robbins, Sierra Designs, and Wenzel.

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July 19, 2012


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