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UST StrikeForce

photo: UST StrikeForce fire starter


Price Historic Range: $12.99-$31.49
Reviewers Paid: $23.00


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Price Paid: $23

This is one of the best fire starters I have ever owned. The shower of sparks that are emitted is amazing and if the tinder you are using is flammable it will light.

This fire starter is ideal for survival, outdoor/adverse fire starting conditions

I highly recommend this fire starter to anyone who spends time outside and is building fires or practicing survival skills.


  • Lightweight
  • Ample ferrocerium type rod
  • Storage compartment
  • Durable
  • Hot spark shower emission
  • Works in the rain and wet conditions


  • Bulky

I am a true believer in the UST StrikeForce fire starter. The ferrocerium rod and striker bar emit by far one the best shower of sparks I have seen. I have used and own many various types of fire starters and I won't go camping, backpacking etc. without this.

If you can rub two sticks together you can use this. If your not into foraging your own tinder, pair it up with the UST wetfire tinder for instant fire in any conditions. I have used this to ignite, birch bark, cat-tail fluff, dryer lint, dried vine bark, and of course wetfire.

I ran my first strike-force through the ringer, always had a spare wetfire in the handy storage compartment if the need arose and never found myself without the ability to make fire. After many uses the striker bar did fall out of the handle. I contacted the company and they replaced it. Also great customer service.

The only downfalls I can see to this item is that it is a bit bulky, so people with smaller hands, or severely limited space to carry stuff may have an issue with it. But I always find a spot for mine. Also, with the size you have to make sure you always pull the ferrocerium bar towards yourself and not push the striker bar towards your tinder. It is quite easy to make a mess of your precious tinder that way.

All in all one of the best.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: Maybe $15??


Nice review, Justin. Welcome to Trailspace!

8 years ago

Compact, easy to carry, great for survival kit, has small storage.


  • Small storage area for char, etc.
  • Compact

My son has been carrying this since he received it as a Boy Scout gift. Uses it every time he needs a fire or to light his MSR PocketRocket.

Source: received it as a personal gift

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