Water Girl

Water Girl is no longer in business.

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Santa Cruiser Jacket

rated 5 of 5 stars I love this jacket! I was after a hoodie that wasn't so bulky, but still felt like a jacket. I wanted to be able to wear it while being active, and it not 'get in the way' of what i was doing. Also, I wanted it to 'cross over' on an everyday level if I needed to look nice. It does the job of both! It's a hard working little jacket with a feminine twist...I love the little embellishment on the back. It's there, but not overdone. nice! When I first saw the arc-cut of the pocket, I thought they would… Full review

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Water Girl was a sister company of Patagonia. The Water Girl brand has transitioned to Patagonia Women's Surf.


Water Girl USA, Inc.
8550 White Fir Street
P.O. Box 32050
Reno, NV 89523-2050

toll-free: (800) 638-6464
fax: (800) 543-5522

website: www.watergirlusa.com
email: customer_service@patagonia.com