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Wenger EvoGrip S 18 Patagonian Expedition Race Knife

photo: Wenger EvoGrip S 18 Patagonian Expedition Race Knife multi-tool


Price MSRP: $74.95
Historic Range: $44.99-$65.00


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Since I have small hands, the size of the knife is important. I want to feel a sense of control when I’m handling a knife. At 3.25 inches long, the Wenger EvoGrip™ S 18 is ideal. Though Wenger supplied me with this knife for a winter camping trip in February, it's very well suited for multi-day backpacking trips where weight will be an issue. The EvoGrip weights in at a svelte 3.1 ounces.

The EvoGrip has 11 implements that perform 15 functions. I put these to the test and here’s what I found:

Ergonomic handle with rubber: This worked extremely well in winter camping conditions. When condensation built up or the knife got dropped into wet snow, the rubbery grips on the ergonomic handle kept my hand firmly attached. Will work equally well in rain/storm conditions on the trail.

2.5" locking blade for safety: I’ve never had any “accidents” with pocket knives, but if your finger happens to be in the wrong place when the knife blade suddenly snaps shut, there’s a good chance that finger is coming off. The 2.5-inch flat locking blade is sharp enough to whittle wood logs down to kindling for the fire.

2.75" double-cut wood saw: Wenger calls it a “2.75” double-cut “wood saw” but if you’ve read [i]Between a Rock and a Hard Place[/i], you’ll know its functionality extends beyond sawing dead branches from trees and bushes to make marshmallow roasting sticks. Another very sharp blade so use caution.

2.4'' springless scissors with serrated, self-sharpening design: These scissors actually cut a very impressive straight and narrow line through a wash cloth. On the trail, these scissors will be valuable for cutting a shirt into bandages or cutting a pant leg to administer first aid.

Can opener: Sharp (really sharp), precise and smooth, I have never, in my life, had a more pleasurable experience opening a can of baked beans than I have with the EvoGrip’s can opener.

Tweezers: Any time you work with wood, you increase your chances of getting splinters. The tweezers easily extracted one that I got from sawing logs and marshmallow sticks. In the summer, they’ll also be useful for removing bee stingers.

Additionally, the EvoGrip has the following features, which may seem trite and superfluous, but you’d be surprised how valuable they really are:

Patented locking screwdriver: Phillips® head screwdriver

Cap lifter/Wire stripper

Nail file/Nail cleaner


My only disappointment with the knife was the absence of a corkscrew and a serrated edge on the 2.5” flat blade. I believe that if they made the scissor blades serrated, they could have also done so with the flat blade.

Price Paid: Loaner from Wenger

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