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rated 5 of 5 stars Great snowshoes for deep powder, heavy weight, speed, and easier non-wooded terrain. I recently purchased a new, unused but secondhand pair of these snowshoes cheap. Mine are made in Canada. Some are made in the USA. Mine are very large at 12x60. They look great and truly are quite well made. Sinew webbing with¬†Neoprene bindings. White ash frames.¬†Too long for brushy areas, but anyone with snowshoe experience can get them through an open woods easily. I haven't had them out in deep powder, two… Full review

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Wilcox and Williams began in 1972 by Dyke Williams and Greg Wilcox as a store and mail order business called Country Ways Kits to provide outdoor equipment kits to clients. The first kits went to school, college, scout camp, and environmental education programs.


Country Ways
6105 Halifax Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55424

phone: (612) 861-2262
fax: (888) 908-6232

website: www.snowshoe.com
email: info@snowshoe.com