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Wild River B-487UWF 3-Man

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Wild River is no longer in business, and the B-487UWF 3-Man has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best three-season tents for 2021.

photo: Wild River B-487UWF 3-Man three-season tent


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  • Light
  • Easy to set up, even with one person


  • Ventilation poor if set up in non-shaded area

Have similar, or same tent. Advertised to be a three-man backpack tent. Mine carries product number B-487UWF. Have used as just myself to camp/fish trips most of the time. Have done two people comfortably. I think three would be cramped and would break the unwritten rule about touching the sides of tent when it is raining outside.

For features, won't get into that, as I'm sure it is discontinued, perhaps company out of existence also. Purchased at a store called Ardan's, also no longer around. Must have been bought late '70s. Used the hell out of it in pre-marriage days and kept it post-divorce; lawyers let me keep it, she kept two-room family tent, as well as three-bedroom house, Ha Ha.

Always protected with tarp underneath and store-bought tarp over top with ropes and extra tent stakes as a rain-fly to keep heavy rain and sun beating down. The standard sized tarp grommets fit almost perfectly to tie down quickly and easily. Same aluminum tent poles four-piece, each side, are still intact. Three plastic tent stakes have broke or bent, given some sites are rocky, dried clay, or hidden tree roots.

Tried to form a reason to buy a new pop-up dome tent, but as I am now in my 60's, don't give a hoot about being contemporary in my outdoor image. This Wild River was from a bygone era when products were not manufactured with an expiration date to which you had to go and buy new. Only my Kirby vacuum has outlasted this lightweight tent. 

Source: bought it new


Welcome to Trailspace, Michael! Thanks for sharing your experience with this tent.

1 year ago

This is a vintage product that is extremely lightweight for its size (8x10) and easy to set up. Good for backpacking.


  • Has held up very well
  • Easy setup
  • Withstands the wind


  • The poles that came with it were a little on the flimsy side

I've had this tent for many years (I think I got it in the late '70s) and for the last 20 years it has been rolled up in my garage. I recently took it out and it's like new other than a faded streak along one edge.

I can't find any info on the web regarding Wild River products, so hopefully someone will know something about them. I've backpacked in the mountains with it and it performed very well. Typically it was used as a sleeping tent for three people and to that end it was comfortable and withstood the wind quite well. In very cold weather there would be some condensation, but it wasn't a problem.

When I first got this tent I thought the poles were somewhat flimsy (lightweight and easy to backpack though) so I made my own poles for our campsites that were more normal. I set it up quickly so it's not perfect but gives an idea of what it is.

Source: bought it new
Price Paid: don't recall


Welcome to Trailspace, Mike Sullivan (Do I correctly sense a Monsters, Inc. reference in that name?). Thanks for letting us know about your vintage tent. Would you have any pictures you could add for us to see?

4 years ago

Welcome to Trailspace, Mike! I also can't find any info on Wild River or its products, but if anyone else knows something about the brand, please share it.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing a picture, Mike.

4 years ago

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