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Wild Things Epic Halfzip Windshirt

rated 5.0 of 5 stars

The Epic Halfzip Windshirt has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best wind shirts for 2024.

The Wild Things Epic Halfzip Windshirt is a great choice for fast and light high output adventures in cool to moderately cold conditions. In my Upstate SC location it gets heavy use throughout the cooler 6 months of the year. I use it hiking, backpacking, running, and mountain biking in temperatures below 50 and anything short of continuous rain. As the weather gets colder I just add layers underneath.

The Epic fabric offers a bit more weather protection than typical windshirts. It is also a bit heavier. These qualities make it more durable (proven during plenty of crashes and underbrush scrapes) but also not the best choice for warmer temps or gram counting weenies.

The fit is very slim - enough so that you have to put your arms into the sleeves before pulling the shirt body over your head. Airflow is controlled by a long half zipper and elastic wrist closures. There are no velcro closures or drawcords, but I haven't missed them. Continuing the fast and light theme, the shirt has no pockets (that usually get blocked by hip belts anyway).

One of the biggest advantages of Epic is that its water resistance never washes out, and is actually refreshed when the garment is washed (in a dye & perfume free detergent) and then dried in a clothes drier on low heat. DO NOT use fabric softener or dryer sheets. This shirt can be trashed and washed regularly without having to hassle with DWR retreatment. It dries very quickly too.

Niggles? Let's see. Epic fabric is highly water resistant until it gets fouled by smoke or sweat, after which water doesn't bead up as readily. As a result of this, I often backpack with a light hardshell or poncho if rain is likely. The shirt body is quite trim, but the upper sleeves have enough extra fabric to flutter annoyingly at high speeds when road riding.

Fabric: Epic woven polyester
Fill: N/A
Price Paid: $105

My go-to apparel for trail running and backpacking.


  • Lightweight
  • Minimalist design
  • Made in USA
  • Slim fitting


  • The collar is floppy when unzipped.

The Wild Things Epic Halfzip windshirt is my favorite piece of clothing for trail running and backpacking. Strap it down to the outside of my pack and off I go. Sure, there are lighter windshirts available, but I really like Epic fabric and the cut.

The slim fit is perfect for running and is not bulky under a pack. The minimalist design cuts the weight down and there is less stuff to deal with or worry about failing. There are no pockets, which I like. The velcro adjustment at the wrists are all you need to find a good fit.  

The only downside is if it's unzipped the collar is very floppy, but that is to be expected with such a lightweight/minimal shirt.

Another important factor is that it is made in USA in Conway, N.H. If you are ever tromping around the White Mountains stop by their store and poke around. You will probably leave with something.

Source: bought it used
Price Paid: $40

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