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Yukon Charlie's Snowshoe

rated 2.0 of 5 stars

The Snowshoe has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best recreational snowshoes for 2024.

There is a reason that these shoes are relatively inexpensive. There are major quality and performance issues with the product. I retired a couple of pairs after two years of use.

The shoes have a hard plastic deck laced to the frame and the binding rotates on a metal rod with a plastic insert.

Pivot System (Metal Rod) - 1 Star

This is one area where the company should not have saved a few cents. They use a cheap white metal rod that broke on one of the shoes. I had to hobble out of the wilderness a few years back with makeshift repairs. The rods on the other pair that was used by my wife are bent and would break shortly if used again. Also, a plastic insert is used over the metal rod to aid rotation. I remember the plastic breaking when they were new. I wrapped the inserts with duck tape.

Aluminum Cleats - 1 Star

The cleats dull easily and clog with snow and ice. There is too much exposed metal on both the front and rear cleats. Charlie needs a total redesign in this area.

Binding - 3 Star

Charlie tried for a decent design. Sadly, there are worse bindings then this on the market. Your foot will move in this binding. Also, one of the plastic buckles broke.

Decking and Lacing - 4 Star

The hard plastic decking and lacing is very durable but weighs more then most other decking material.

In summary, the shoes are ok for an individual who uses them a couple of times a year in the local park.

Price Paid: $100 Canadian

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