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Hi, Folks

I grew up, literally, "out in" the eastern USA woods, spent the first 12 years without running water, and heated and cooked with kerosene. I started camping by myself, when I was 11 years old. As an adult, I spent my years as a Licensed Land Surveyor, thus I've been outdoors all my life. I collect vintage camp stoves, and have about 50 to 80 of them. Some are on my You Tube channel, algentry1. I'm an old man, and do what ever the heck I want to. Unless my wife won't let me. Or if she stares at me funny. ;o)

I've slept on the ground when I couldn't afford a tent, and I've been lost in the mountains, twice that I remember. I love the woods, and belong to and give (meager) support to, several "tree hugger" organizations. We live on 5 acres, and I belong to the land.

I have never been to heaven. But, I've been to Oklahoma.



walking off trail
primitive camping.


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