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I am a: backpacker
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Rock climbing


Height6 ft
Weight185 lb
Torso Length21
Boot/Shoe Size10
Jacket/Shirt SizeLarge
Pant Size33/34

Hello, i used to live in Seoul south Korea and explore various mountains in Korean peninsula. now i'm back in NJ and hoping to do more backpacking and hiking in beautiful and amazing terrains of U.S. I  like winter backpacking more than summer, simply because of mosquitoes, hot and humid weather conditions.

I've traveled to Nepal back in 2008 where i completed the Annapurna Circuit in 16 days. the mountains were beautiful and so grand. nothing like what i have seen in past. because of my trip to Nepal, I've decided to do more backpacking and trekking.

I find very useful and i enjoy reading articles and gear review from other nature lovers.

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