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Getting older and slower but still love the outdoors.  My son can’t understand and won’t accept I’m an older man who can’t keep up with him, so we spend only short jaunts in the woods together.  Other than day hikes and car camping my wife and daughters have never really been interested.  These days, if I don’t like the weather or the forecast I often just forego the trip.  Forget it if it’s snowing or is forecasted to snow.  Let’s just say I've evolved into a three season man.  Retired from the Army more than ten years ago so I no longer need to practice outdoor misery, but I still escape to the woods for short solo three day jaunts to recharge, refresh, and reset.  Once known as Eeyore, the ladies at work now call me the grumpopotamus, but they really do take good care of me and good care of business.   I like to think of myself as an old fashioned gentleman, but grumpopotamus is probably the better of those two descriptors.    If I upset you or the setting, just let me know but please keep in mind that subtlety is often lost on me.