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Re: 3 days 2 nights on the AT in GA or NC/TN July 6, 2011
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I've been hiking and camping in campgrounds for years.  A friend sparked my interst in backpacking.  I know  work out 6 days a week and hike 1 to get ready for my big finale, a backpacking trip in October.  Ok well it was supposed to be in October.  I had to get on a trail this weekend.  I ended up driving to Cloudland Canyon State Park in NW GA and hiking the western rim and a small one on the eastern rim.  I think packed in to the walk in tent sites or a very restless night.  I will NOT be going alone, my dog will go if know one else is free.  I also took in a small tent, wasnt big enough my feet kept hitting the walls and sleeping bag wasnt big enough.  End result, my back and hip killing me the next day.   I finished it off with hiking n Desoto Falls State Park in Ft. Payne, AL.  I am excited I have started this journey and look forward to many more!


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