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I like testing and talking about gear with friends and now I am starting to get into doing reviews online. My goal is to provide solid reviews with helpful information and include things I feel are helpful to other consumers.

I have been more and more concerned lately with trying to save weight where I can. Not going to extremes but doing my best to cut the numbers without sacrificing my comfort, which I hold in high regard.

I do not like to be cold or wet. I especially do not like to be cold and wet at the same time! It has happened to me on several occasions. I do get cold easily and will carry a 4 pound sleeping bag, with a 2 pound sleeping pad, if it means I stay warm and cozy! That doesn't mean that I want to carry that much weight, but I will!

After years of using cheap, inexpensive gear, I have come to my own conclusion. You get what you pay for. I have heard that time and time again over the years and I believe it. Of course, like with any rule, their are always exceptions! And when trying to find light, good quality gear, it gets expensive.

I would like to get more into making my own gear. My fiancé knows her way around a sewing machine and she has already begun to help me with a few small projects. She really gives me a lot of support and freedom to spend time outdoors and with my friends. She loves the cabins and the hotels...that's about it...I love her!

I could go on all day about gear and girls but I am losing focus! The point is, I hope to share some useful knowledge I have gained about my gear while enjoying my love for the outdoors!

I hope you all enjoy!





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