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I am a: 49-year-old sportsman/military
Location: Western Hampden County, MA
Occupation: Aerospace Mechanic USAF


Rock climbing
off roading


Boot/Shoe Size9.5D
Jacket/Shirt SizeLarge
Pant Size32X32

To be very brief, as I HATE people who like to expound on themselves.


I am a Staff Sergeant in the USAF, recieved my eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts when I was a senior in High School, am an avid Sportsman who spends 200+ days a year in the outdoors in one form or another-whether its for work or play.


I am also a gearhead who works on modifying my Subaru Forester XT- I consider that car a Swiss Army-type of vehicle; reliable, quick, and multi-faceted for on or off road excursions. I am a "flashlight geek" of sorts, and currently own a dozen or so LED and Incandescent flashlights/lanterns- I became that way after my outdoor/military experiences where I learned the value of "The right light for the right situation". I am also the single dad of an awesome 17 year old son, who has accompanied me on MANY outdoor excursions, so I know quite a bit about taking a child to the outdoors.


So, if you happen to be looking for a HONEST review of some of the items I mentioned, drop me a line- I would be MORE than happy to share my expertise with you.

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