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I have been backpacking since the early 80's after moving to the US from the UK, where I remember walking in the Scottish highlands with my grandfather and along the rocky shores of England with my Dad. Most of my now monthly backpacking trips are from 2 to 4 nights due to work and family duties, with occasional trips up to a week or two.  I also day hike a good bit (as an alternative to the elliptical to keep in shape between trips) and jump in one of my canoes whenever I can for a trip down the river (just Class I or II for fun and relaxation) or the lake for some fishing.

Most of my backpacking experience is in the eastern US due to convenience, but I have spent time in the Rockies and backpacked in Big Bend and Glacier National Parks as well as many spots in between.  I have several favorite spots, but my favorite by far is my homeland of Scotland where you can roam and camp anywhere in the highlands.  I completed a 190 mile crossing of Scotland on foot in May 2018 as part of The Great Outdoors Challenge.




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