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Re: Crispi Hiking boots (Nickname: Birdblue) October 23, 2013
Crispi Hiking boots (Nickname: Birdblue) October 18, 2013


Hi everyone, I'm Keith from the small island of Malta, Med and born in 1975.  I love outdoors ... hiking, trekking, camping & exploring the outdoors. We do not have any mountains, lakes or rivers, it's  very dry here. We have however nice Med countryside and lovely views.  The geological structure of our stone consists of 5 layers - lower Coralline limestone, sand, Globigerina limestone, Blue Clay & the Upper Coralline Limestone. The Globigerina limestone is a beautiful yellowish soft stone and it is widely used for construction of buildings.  The Upper and especially the Lower Coralline limestone are very hard rocks on the other hand, not good for constructions - it might take you forever to cut it out.  By the coast, this stone tends to be sharply pointed, like spikes - you wouldn't wanna fall on that terrain!  Having said this, most of my trek trails are by the coast, were a Trek can be more than hard especially in our hot summer days. I am constantly looking and asking around for opinions for 'The Perfect Boot' for hard terrain, long treks, backpacking, sturdy and most of all, ankle protection is a MUST for me!  Oh, did I mention I suffer form an ankle injury?  So many times I sprained my ankle while hiking and making your way back to the car was absolutely a nightmare!  I need your ideas please, your opinions are greatly appreciated. Many thanks :)




Height164 cm
Weight66 Kilos
Boot/Shoe Size39 FR Size