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I am a: hiker
Location: Australia
Occupation: tinkerer (semi retired)

Affiliations: I look after Tarptent in Australia I also am in touch with other tent manufacturers , notably Luxe Outdoor




Weight150 lbs
Boot/Shoe Size42
Jacket/Shirt Sizem
Pant Sizem

My primary aim is to share my experience with outdoor gear and the positive experiences using it. I like to look at the bright side of life and having been on retail sales for over 30 years I know that not all salesmen/retailers/manufacturers are there just to rip you off. Some actually enjoy doing what they do and that is providing a product or a service, pretty much the same as most people ... I am building an active YouTube channel (francodarioli) mostly with Tarptent related videos but other stuff too. (I used many tents and Tarptents for 5 years before becoming part of the brand) My particular pet peeve is  negative people that like to criticise but never offer anything positive for others to enjoy. Franco

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