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 My wife and I visited New Mexico and hiked in the Rio Grande Valley.  the hike left from Big Arsenic Springs Campground and went down into the canyon where the Red River and Rio Grande meet.The hike continued and left the canyon to ascend to Cibola Mesa.

I had checked the map and I thought when we arrived a Cibola Mesa that we could walk down a road a mile or two and we would be back to our camp.  The "road" I saw on the map was the county line and there was no road.  It was over twenty miles back to camp if we too the road.  The hike had been about five miles.  It was now over ninety five degrees.  I had one pint of water left.  My wife was not strong enough to hike back to camp.

So, by the time I crawled out of the camp back at Big Arsenic Springs I had to lay down on a picnic table in the shade.  I drove the twenty miles or so to my wife.  Gratefully she is a good sport and I an still alive to tell this story.

At any rate, watch for county lines!







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